Why Vehicle Tracking

Real-Time Fleet Monitoring

Always know where your vehicles are, no calling around for your drivers. Add more jobs due to improved dispatching.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Our fleet tracking app can help reduce your costs by reducing vehicle speed, decreasing idle times and improving routing & dispatching.

Reduce Labor Costs

Our hours worked report provides you with daily actual start and finish times, hours worked, days worked . Improved efficiency!

Decrease Fleet Expenses

Reduce vehicle emergency service by staying on the top of vehicle repair and maintenance. Decrease wear and tear, and potentially lower insurance costs.

Fleet Safety & Security

Reduce unauthorized vehicles use, quickly recover stolen vehicle. Control unsafe driving habits before they lead to more serious issues.

Improve Customer Service

Get to customers faster and respond quicker to customer emergencies. Provide historical proof of service and make service calls more efficient.

Global Business Concepts is a VehiclePath and GEO Authorized Distributor offering you the latest in technology and experienced customer design and support. Please contact us at 678-575-2233. We look forward to your call